Build Muscle Without Using Weights

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Hitting the weights is one of the best ways to build muscle, but you might not have access to weights. If that’s the case, then you can still get into shape and gain a little bit of muscle by doing body-weight exercises. If you want to build muscle without weights, then continue to read on.
Exercise can help build muscle because of the stress it puts on muscles. Sure, weights can help you build muscle quickly, but body-weight exercises can work to. Here are some of the best body-weight exercises you can do:
1. Pull-ups, Push-ups And Squats- One of the best things about pull-ups is that they work your back and arms, and you can do them on just about any thing you can hang on, or you can do doorway pull-ups. As for push-ups, they work mainly your chest, and they incorporate your shoulders and arms, and all you have to do is get into the push-ups starting position and lower your body down and then back up. If regular push-ups are too difficult to do, then get on your knees and do them that way, as this should make it easier for you. Squats are the king of all leg exercises, and all you have to do is perform the body-weight squat in the same manner you would if you were squatting with a barbell.
2. The Program- is where you can find a workout routine that consists of the above exercises. Best of all, you will only need around 90 minutes per week to do the workout. It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is, you should find it easy to fit this workout routine in.
3. Progression- In order to build muscle, you need to get stronger. This means doing very high reps will build more endurance than strength. This is why you should switch things up when you can start doing more pull-ups, squats and push-ups. Continue to read on to find out what exercises you can throw in to make things more challenging for you.
Rings and one-arm push-ups are challenging. Also, if you want to make the one-arm push-ups even more challenging, then you can do them at an incline position, but you can make it even more challenging by decreasing the height. Do these two exercises and you should feel your muscles being thoroughly worked.
One-Arm Pull-ups And One-Arm Squats- One-arm pull-ups are similar to regular ones, but you do them with one-arm, hence the name of the exercise. As for one-leg squats, you perform them the same as regular body-weight squats, except you don’t use both legs. These two exercises will make things more challenging for you.
External resistance doesn’t necessarily mean using weights. Grab a backpack and put some water bottles in it, and then do exercises. This is just one example of how you can use external resistance. Basically, you want to add some sort of resistance, even if it is not weights.
4. Nutrition. To build muscle, you need to eat right, and some of the foods you should be consuming include meats, eggs and fish, as they are high in protein. Omega-3 fatty acids are something you should consume too, as well as all kinds of veggies and fruit. Make sure you drink plenty of water on a daily basis, and consume pasta, oats, rice and breads, as they are a good source of carbs. consume these types of foods, and exercise constantly, and you could end up building up your muscles and gaining some strength.
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