Carb-loading explained

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A healthy balanced diet is key to managing diabetes. Diabetes UK share their top tips for cooking with less fat, adapting recipes, planning ahead and packing a healthy lunch box...

Healthy cooking tips from Diabetes UK 

Small changes can make a big difference to the nutritional value of you meals. Diabetes UK share their top healthy cooking tips to help you to make healthier choices and reduce the fat in your favourite dishes...

Cut the fat...

cut the fat

  • Cook with less fat. Try using an oil spray to limit how much you're adding.
  • Measure the fat you use. As a guide, use one teaspoon per person, per dish
  • Use healthier fats. Animal fats will affect your cholesterol the most. The best choices of oil include olive, rapeseed or mustard seed oil.
Watch Diabetes UK's video tips for cooking with less fat

Adapting recipes...

  • Trim the fat from meat
  • Use low-fat or tomato based sauces for curries and pasta dishes. Or why not try reduced fat crème fraîche or natural low-fat yogurt?
  • Choose lower fat cheese, cream or milk in recipes. 
  • Try using dried fruit to sweeten cakes naturally or reduce sugar in baking
Watch Diabetes UK's video tips for adapting recipes

Plan ahead...


  • Pepare a weekly shopping list for the whole week
  • Think about the meals you're going to eat on each night
  • Pasta and curry sauces are good to make ahead of time. Portion them out and freeze
  • Make food in bulk and freeze single portions
Watch Diabetes UK's video tips for planning ahead

Pack a healthy lunch...


  • Grate cheese instead of slicing for sandwiches as a little will go a long way
  • Use granary or wholegrain bread instead of white
  • Use low-fat mayo with tuna or egg fillings
  • Bulk up sandwiches with healthy salad
  • Leftover rice and pasta make for great salad bases
  • Choose low-fat snacks
  • Include vegetables and fruit as snacks
  • Try homemade popcorn with some seasonings instead of crisps and place in a sealable sandwich bag
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