Eating 3 Eggs Weekly will do this to your body

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Eating 3 Eggs Weekly will do this to your body!
Almost everyone have in their diet , but regarding the nutritional value they provide, we can say eggs are not as used as they really deserve to be.
Namely, this chicken product is a miraculous food that can offer some pretty impressive health benefits. Increase the consumption of eggs and you will significantly improve your overall health.
More than 90% of egg yolk is contained of iron and calcium, and almost half of the white is pure protein. Today, we are about to reveal some facts that will certainly convince you to consume eggs more regularly.
The best quality protein
Protein is one of the vital elements of each healthy diet because its purpose is to build and repair old tissues. Meaning, eggs are providing the best quality protein. Amino acids, on the other hand, are its building blocks. However, our body doesn’t produces even 9 of them but can be consume them through eggs.
Eggs, meat (poultry and fish) as well as milk proteins are all complete proteins. This means the mentioned products have enough of the essential amino acids. Eggs, however, provide the best protein when it comes to quality. Eggs are rated 100, milk is 93 and beef and fish are 75. One egg possesses approximately same protein content as 30 grams of cooked poultry, meat or fish .
Rich iron source
In the case of iron deficiency, we usually feel irritable, tired, and suffer from headaches. This element carries the oxygen into the blood and is very important factor for munerous body functions, including immunity and the energy metabolism. The Egg contains heme iron. Heme iron is the most easily absorbable and usable form of iron we get through food.
Eggs do not increase cholesterol in the blood
Eggs gained bad reputation in the 90s because of their cholesterol content, which is 210mg per one egg yolk. The bad reputation was due to many studies showing that it leads lead to coronary heart disease.
However, you must be aware that foods rich in fat, especially trans fatty acids and saturated fats, are more dangerous for your heart than cholesterol found in eggs. Therefore, eggs are cheap, easily digestible and, most important, very rich source of protein.
Nutrient adequacy
Eggs are filled with nutrients, meaning they can significantly contribute to maintaining great overall health. A certain study included participants divided in 2 groups. The first group ate eggs, the other one did not. The results showed that participants in the second group were becoming deficient in vitamins E, B12, and A.
Eggs provided 10 to 20% of folate and 20 to 30% of vitamins E, A, and B12 to the first group of participants, who consumed them. This proves that eggs are extremely important when it comes to ensuring nutrient adequacy.
Eggs promote brain health
Eggs are also high in choline. This is nutrient that promotes brain development in the newborn and fetus, as well as memory function, overall. One egg a day will supply even 28% of the required choline while being pregnant.
The abovementioned nutrient is crucial during lactation and pregnancy , as well as for fetus’ brain development . It is also of great importance when it comes to preserving and improving lifelong memory.
Bone health
Since it is one of the rarest natural sources of vitamin D , eggs are beneficial for your bones too. Namely, vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption , and for maintaining optimal bone health . Also, eggs,along with dairy products, are very helpful against osteoporosis .
Eggs improve performance
Eggs provide long feeling of satiety because they have high satiety index. Big-sized egg provides 6 grams of protein of high-quality and variety of different essential nutrients, except for vitamin C. Therefore, combining eggs with orange juice or healthy fruit and low GI/whole wheat bread you will have one of the healthiest breakfast ever.
Protect eyes’ health and prevent against cataracts
Eggs are also rich zeaxanthin and lutein , which are very important antioxidants for eyes’ health. These nutrients can prevent high-energy, harmful wavelengths of light in the eyes, but also are essential throughout the entire life .
Cataracts can be significantly reduced (by amazing 20%) or prevented by regularly consuming eggs, spinach and broccoli. This way you will also be able to prevent age- related retinal and lens degeneration, which are a major reason for incidence of blindness in elderly people (you might gain up to 40% reduction).
Healthy hair and nails
Numerous shortages in the body and biochemical imbalances might lead hair and nails issues . Fortunately, eggs can help when it comes to restoring their health because, besides being rich in numerous essential minerals and vitamins , they are rich in sulphur-containing amino acids.
Many people claim their hair grows faster, when they eat more eggs.
Eggs may help you lose some excess body weight
Due to their high satiety index, eggs are most likely the best choice for breakfast for preventing food cravings throughout the day, and thus effectively lose body weight.
One study compared 2 groups of people. The first ate cream cheese, yoghurt and bagels for breakfast while the second ate two eggs, jam and toast . They both entered same amount of kilojoules. However, the group of participants who ate eggs was fuller for a longer period of time and lowered the kilojoules intake by 29%.
Big-sized egg has 315kJ. So, if you combined it with vegetables or fruits and whole grains, you will get a cheap, yet complete meal, which will help you to lose excess body weight.
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