Tips for prevention of breast cancer

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Breast Cancer

Cancer is the result of the mutation of genes responsible for the growth and health of the cells in the body. This abnormal proliferation may occur to the breast cells which is called breast cancer. Breast cancer cells may continue dividing without a halt, resulting in a tumor. Breast cancer is common to woman but men are also susceptible to breast cancer.
People suffering from breast cancer may not show symptoms at all, especially in its early stages. But a new lump or mass in the breast can be indicative of breast cancer. Generally any change to the breast appearance, texture, and pain can be a sign of breast cancer. Nipple discharge or redness, breast or nipple pain, dimpling or swelling of the breast can also be signs of breast cancer.

Tips for prevention of breast cancer

Maintaining normal weight (BMI so that it is less than 25) because the fat cells, just like the ovaries, are also produces estrogen
- Reduction of the transferred fatty acids. Bad fats are very harmful to breast cancer. Studies have shown that the lineT of exposure to breast cancer doubles in women unveil high rates from trans fatty acids in the blood.
This category of fatty acids, derived from an industrial process (partially hydrogenated vegetable fat), found in processed foods, Such as pastries, brioche and toast and pizza dough and chocolate slabs ... doctors recommend not to over-consumption (2 percent maximum of the energy is taken).- Fruit and vegetable intake, especially colored vegetables (such as tomatoes, carrots, peppers ...)- Exercising five hours of physical activity per week. That would reduce the exposure of breast cancer by almost half. Overall sport of brisk walking is advised, but fourteen hours of housework a week also eases the lineT of exposure to cancer Ida- 18 percent approx. What is important is the combination of the duration and intensity of the effort to increase the interest rate as much as possible.- Having children. This would provide protection against the disease, noting that the hormone beta Hcg is responsible for it.- Choose the means of contraception. Views on contraceptive pills are different, but there is a motherT is certain to be a bit high levels of estrogen reduce the risk of breast cancer
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