Weekly Activities To Tone Your Stomach

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Exercise can be hard work, that is why so many of us fail at it. But what if you could tone up doing the activities you already do? There is referred to as NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, and it helps tone and strengthen your system incorporating your daily activities. If the activities you already participate in could help firm your stomach muscles, you would want to know more, right?
Walking and Stairs
In the August 16, 2011, edition of “American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism”, it was published that walking has the ability to tone and strengthen your stomach muscles. If you can walk a mile a day and reach 80 percent of your maximum heart rate you have the ability to decrease the amount of deep fat deposits in and around your internal organs. Next time you see the escalator or elevator closed for repairs, rejoice instead of groaning. Climbing the stairs is another way to tone your abdominal muscles. As you walk it is best to tighten up your stomach muscles.
Sitting and Standing
When you move from a seated to standing or vice versa position this requires the use of abdominal muscles. The erector spinae, transversus abdominis, rectus, and obliques all vitally support your spine. A great exercise to tone these muscles is a stability ball, simply sitting and rocking will help burn calories.
Don’t Dread Housework
We all dread having to do chores around the house and yard, but they offer up some unique ways to work your stomach muscles.Next time you are sweeping, mopping, or even mowing the lawn, remember these all help to ti=one up your belly. Next time you are sweeping, mopping, or even mowing the lawn, remember these all help to tone up your belly. Same thing as having to pick up toys, clothes and the remote control. These simple activities are quick exercises for your abdominal muscles. If you want a little reminder of the exercises you are doing, take a look at investing in an inexpensive elastic waist cincher. This will help you keep your stomach muscles firm and taught while supporting your back.
Play Time
We all love to play and it can make exercising feel like less of a chore. Make a game and help get your children fit as well. Stand up against the wall and have everyone tighten their stomach muscles for as long as possible and stay quiet. Play army and crawl along the floor tightening up your stomach muscles to avoid enemy fire!
There are plenty of league sports that require strong abdominals. Consider joining up and enjoy the competition as you work out your stomach muscles. Sports such as bowling, golf, hockey and softball can all help you strengthen your stomach muscles. Even jumping off a diving board gives you the opportunity to hold those stomach muscles tight as you jump. Find what works best for you and practice it on a daily basis and before you know it you will be showing off a taught and tone stomach.

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