Weight Loss Exercises That Really Work

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In the modern age when machines are doing physical work for humans and humans are only controlling them with remotes, being fat is very common. Every year thousands of people become over weight. The process of being fat starts when we think let me eat this and next time I will control myself from eating this junk food. Let me sleep today and I will start exercising from tomorrow, I
will start walk from tomorrow, next week I will join the gym etc.   But once you got extra pounds it becomes very tough and hard to eliminate it and become back into shape. If you feel you are fat, your dresses are getting tight and you are serious to loose weight then read this article carefully. First of let me tell you it will not instant, and will take time.
Start from planning and setting goals. Set goals and dedicate yourself with them. When you will start the exercise you will notice a very quick response and a very clear change in your shape but later on the process will be slower and once you will feel that you are not loosing weight. This is all because the 3 layers of fat. The upper layer is very thin and when you start exercising or join gym that layer start melting very fast and you notice that you work outs are to the point. 2nd layer is little thick and will take time so the process will be slower and you will notice that your exercise process is slower. Now when it comes to 3rdlayer, it is very thick and tough, mostly its lower part of your belly and sides. Now you will feel that the process of weight losing is stopped but that’s not the reality. That is the time to turn your exercise to next level. Increase your exercising capability every week. Start exercising 20 minute 5 times a week and take it to 45 minute 5 times a week next month. If you don’t have time to go to gym you can loose weight with simple exercise at home.
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