become Younger In Just 12 Days, Amazing Massage

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Remove makeup from the face, wash and apply a moisturizing cream. Spoons in the meantime disinfect with alcohol and put them in a glass with water and ice.

2. Chilled teaspoons to lift the upper eyelids. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat 5 times. Warm teaspoons change to cold.
The same procedure is done with the lower eyelids. In this way frees the island eyelids and dark circles.
3. After that, the spoons should be left for a short time in hot oil or lubricate your cream or serum and can start a facial massage.
Slight pressure move teaspoon per massage facial lines.
The basic massage lines:
– After the forefront of the upper part of the nose to the temples and the hairline
– After the eyelids in a circular motion from the inner corner and again to him
– After the cheeks, from the nostrils to the temples
– From the chin to the temples
– After the neck, from the beginning to the chin
Every movement carried out at least 10 times. Every time starts teaspoon difficult to slide across the face, it must be re-greased with oil or cream. After the massage the face should be washed with warm water.
The optimal duration of this massage is 10 minutes. But during the daily increase. Start with 1-2 minute, every day increase for 1 minute. On the tenth day, bring the massage to 10 minutes.
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