Dietary Fats issource of energy, Don't afraid of it

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This Is Why You Need Dietary Fats After Your Workout

Fat is only a three-letter word. But, that little word packs a lot power. Many are afraid of it. It’s time to change that dated approach.


Fats are your secondary source of energy. They come right after glycogen storages have been used up. Not only that, fats are what protect our organs from being damaged. If that weren’t enough, fat is also an essential component to the production of hormones.

Post workout you need dietary fats. They stimulate anabolic hormones for better muscle recovery and growth.

Unfortunately, in spite of their importance for the production of hormones, saturated fats get a bad rap. The reason is simple. Old research found that eating too much of it caused bad cholesterol (LDL) build ups. Forget that old research.

Current research shows that it actually decreases LDL and increases HDL (good cholesterol). It also shows that people who ate a lot of saturated fats with little carb intake experienced no LDL spikes at all.

Apparently saturated fat combined with simple carbs seems to boost negative effects.
These Are Some of The Best Post Workout Foods That Are Quickly Digested

Post workout means you want the nutrients to make their way into your bloodstream as fast as they can.

What follows is a list of great choices that have nutritious amounts of protein, carbs and dietary fats to fuel your body for recovery and growth.
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