Don’t Spend Money For Vitamin Water. Make It By Yourself

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Don’t buy vitamin water!We hope you will change your mind about buying bottled water with added vitamins. Read bellow and learn how to prepare yourselves high quality vitamin water.
It is very easy for preparing, plus it is healthier than bottled water. Besides saving money, you will also clean your organism!
-2l water
-2 teaspoons of fresh grated ginger
-1 cucumber
-1 lemon
-12 mint leaves
Cut the lemon and cucumber on pieces, if you have home grown products, use them unpeeled. Put the grated ginger in a jar and add the remaining ingredients, then pour water.
Put the mixture in the fridge and leave it for at least 8 hours, while stirring occasionally.
The ingredients in the home made vitamin water have particularly good effect on the stomach, because they promote the digestion of the food, and that can relieve you form the aggregated toxins in the body.
Source : ZoneFitness.Com

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