healthy foods to damaged muscle fibers

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What Are The Best Post Workout Foods?

Post-workout foods are used to replace what has been lost during training and to deliver nutrients to damaged muscle fibers. Your muscle fibers become microscopically torn when you train at higher intensities (or intensities higher than you typically exhibit for daily tasks).

When you injure your body what happens is that most of the nutrients you digest get sent to this injured area in higher amounts through your bloodstream. The reason for this is to start repairing your damaged muscle cells.

The nutrient behind this repair process is protein. The other two required for proper recovery are carbs and dietary fats.

Do these nutrients sound familiar?

They should. The reason why is because they are macronutrients. These are the nutrients that your calorie intake is based off of. There’s a lot of information on different muscle building foods.

This Is Why You Need Protein Post Workout

This nutrient is well known for muscle growth benefits.

But, did you know that it is actually needed by every cell in your body so they can all repair and grow?

Protein is vital for human life. That means you have to consume this macro. The reasons are simple.

Want to avoid body aches?

How about fatigue and headaches?

Clearly those aren’t on anyone’s wish lists. But, they could occur with low protein intake. Worse yet, serious medical conditions could arise if your low protein levels continue for any amount of time.

When you think of protein, some obvious foods come to mind. If you guessed meats, poultry, fish and dairy, you’d be correct. You could also get protein from some veggies, oats and legumes. Of course, there are plenty of supplements you could try as well. They could come in the form of powders or ready to made drinks.

Muscle growth happens when the protein gets sent to your cells. Your damaged muscle fibers become repaired.

You also gain the advantage of a reduction in fatigue and a growth cycle leaving fuller muscle behind. Needless to say, lean protein sources are the better choice unless you are trying to build a lot of muscle mass.
Post Workout: You Need Carbohydrates

We’ve all heard a lot about carbs. And, there’s good reason for that. If your goal is to build lean muscle then focus on how to get lean, but you really can’t be consuming foods full of sugar and artificial fillers. It just won’t work!

Carbs are sugar. They come in either glucose or fructose (fruit sugar) form. They are mainly stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver.

What is glycogen?

It is something that gets used by your body’s metabolism as a source of energy. This energy source is vital when you’re doing physical things like working out. If your storage of glycogen is full and you consume more carbs, you’re making a mistake.


It’ll get stored as fat.

The type of carbs you should consume are complex carbs. These are the carbs that are the best ones to consume. They allow proper energy production for heavy lifts, and they also replenish your muscles post workout. Complex carbs usually offer plenty of dietary fiber as well.
 You may be even more surprised to learn that your body can’t digest it. But, that’s not a bad thing.


What happens is that your body stays feeling fuller longer. And, that’s good because it helps you from caving into cravings and helps you burn more calories. In other words, fiber is your friend.

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