Jump Rope to Fat Burning

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Jump Rope

Rocky Balboa didn’t perform this exercise just for the fun of it. The jump rope is a killer exercise for conditioning and overall fat burning. Add this exercise anywhere in a workout and you will reap the benefits immediately. This is an often forgotten exercise that people soon learn to love.

This Is How To Jump Rope

This exercise is all about timing. Start with the jump rope behind you. As you bring the jump rope over top of you, jump once you see the rope line up even with your eyeballs. Repeat until you can’t do anymore.

What Do I Need To Know About Jumping Rope?

This exercise will target the calf muscles(great calf workout), hamstrings, and glutes. To make this exercise harder, you can jump with one foot only. As a beginner who might not have this exercise mastered quite yet, just keep practicing!

Don’t land flat footed when performing this exercise. Once you hit the ground, you need to spring back up. This is a great finisher because it helps build your conditioning.
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