Lunge With Rows

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Lunge With Rows

As if lunges couldn’t be any harder, doing lunges with rows is a brutal exercise that pushes the strongest of all people. Lunging with rows is a very deceiving exercise that will give you the most bang for your buck when building a stronger, leaner body.

This Is How To Do A Lunge With Rows

Take an embellished step backward or forward as you would for a regular lunge. With your foot in that position, keep your weight distributed evenly between both legs. While keeping balance, descend without letting your back knee hit the floor. When down in the lunge position, extend your arms forward by reaching out in front of you and act like you are rowing a boat.

What Do I Need To Know About Doing A Lunge With A Row?

Like with the typical lunge, you’re primarily working your legs with this move. Beyond the legs, you’ll also be hitting your lats and building overall strength and stability. This is a great workout finisher.
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