Mountain Climbers is a best exercises to fat burning

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Mountain Climbers

With this fat burning exercise, you will literally burn out your legs and glutes. Mountain climbers are arguably the most intense fat burning bodyweight exercises out there.

Are you ready to hit your whole body in one move?

This Is How To Do A Mountain Climber

Begin in your push-up position by holding yourself up off the floor. One at a time, bring one leg in towards your chest and then work up to alternating quickly. Quick switches with your legs should be the focus. It’s kind of like doing high knee kicks from a push-up position.

What Do I Need To Know About Mountain Climbers?

This exercise will focus on the glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders. If you want to get more out of this move, alternate your legs as quickly as possible. For beginners, slow the pace down.

Make sure you are keeping your spine in a neutral position and don’t arch your back or stick your hips up too high. Include this move near the end of your routine to ramp up some fat burning and overall body conditioning.
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