Push-Ups to work the chest and triceps muscle groups

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Here is one exercise that will really work the chest and triceps muscle groups. When you want to build a bigger and more defined chest, people will often just stick with flat bench presses or dumbbell flyes. But, the truth is that push-ups should be the exercise to add to a workout for a bigger more defined chest. Look at brad pitt in troy, all of the push-ups in the military served him well and if your really trying to step it up you can attempt 100 push ups challenge.

This Is How To Do A Push-Up

While down on the floor, place your hands just past shoulder width apart. Position yourself up on your toes and keep your legs, hips, torso, neck and head in a straight line. Keep your abdominals and glutes braced throughout the exercise. On the descent, keep your elbows close to your body. Once your nose or chin almost touches the floor, drive back up through the base of your hands.

What Do I Need To Know About Push-Ups?

This fat burning exercise will primarily target the chest, triceps, and deltoids. You’ll also hit your abs, glutes and back muscles. If you need to make this exercise easier, perform your push-ups on a bench or incline. As a beginner, make sure you keep your elbows tight and don’t allow them to flare out.

Push-ups are great for any part of your workout. If you need to warm up the chest and triceps, push ups will really get the muscles firing on all cylinders. Try performing two sets at the end of your next chest workout. Push yourself to failure on those two sets and try to set a new personal record.
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