the best post workout foods after you train

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Want to know what are the best post workout foods you should be eating after you train?

The answers are all here and, believe it or not, they are as important as what you ate before you worked out!

No matter what anybody tells you, nutrition is the most important part to being healthy, having a strong body and gaining muscle. Without proper nutrition intake, your muscles will never grow and training recovery is just long and painful.

Post workout foods are important for this recovery process. Unfortunately, this is one of the most often missed meals of the day. Let’s take a look at best post workout nutrition and what foods you should be consuming.

What Is Post Workout?

People often know about pre-workout foods and supplements because they have been talked about a lot more honestly. Even lean muscle supplements.

Who wouldn’t want to increase their training performance?

But heightened energy is not the only thing you should be worried about if you want to reduce muscle soreness and enable building muscle. This is where post-workout foods come in handy.

Post workout means after your workout. It usually applies to the first one to two hours after intense physical activities. Many studies suggest that post-workout foods should be consumed within an hour. But, there are a few studies that state the two-hour mark is just as effective.


It is vital not only for muscle growth, but also to replenish the energy used up during training. If you don’t know where to start try out a beginner workout routine.

Have you ever felt like you could barely walk after doing squats, even though you did them two days ago? Ever wondered do squats really work?

This is delayed onset muscle soreness at its peak. That happens when post-workout recovery has been neglected.

Unfortunately, you can be a little too late if you wait three or more hours to consume your nutrients. Sure, you can eat nutritious foods to try and make up for the mistake. But, recovery is still going to take longer. Delayed onset muscle soreness is not preventable.

However, you can decrease the effects of it significantly.

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