Try the Magnificent Healing Properties of this Fruit Called Tahitian

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Noni juice (sometimes called Tahitian noni juice or Hawaiian noni juice) is derived from the fruit of an Indian mulberry plant located in the global subtropics and tropics. The health benefits of noni juice include protection of the liver, cancer protection, maintenance of optimal cardiovascular health as well as benefits for people who suffer from arthritis and diabetes. Noni juice is known for its powerful antioxidant properties and its antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
Health benefits of noni juice include prevention of cancer, protection and healthy functioning of liver maintenance of cardiovascular health, relaxed muscles, relief from memory problems and conditions like gout and diabetes. The immense antioxidant potential of noni juice exerts antipsychotic, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which are valuable in treating conditions like arthritis and disorders related to central nervous system.
The noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia), has an oval shape and is fleshy with a wrinkly appearance. It ranges in color from green to yellow to almost white during the time of picking. Although most noni is consumed in the form of juice, its leaves, flowers, bark and roots can also be used.
Polynesians have used the noni plant for more than 2000 years where it has been used both as food and medicine. Today, noni is used to treat or prevent several chronic diseases, stimulate the immune system, fight bacterial and viral infections and reduce inflammation.

The Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Noni juice is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants have a wide range of benefits: they improve the appearance of the skin, reduce the risk of heart and blood vessels disease, maintain brain function and prevent neurological diseases. They are also a major factor in preventing cancer.
The high antioxidant content in noni juice works as a natural detoxifier to get rid of toxins in the body. It also contains protective properties as well. According to research, noni juice improved the conditions of diseases associated with heavy smokers by removing toxins from the body2.

Noni juice has anti-cancer properties

Relationship between diet and cancer has been shown in many studies conducted in recent decades.
Modern science has proven that noni juice has anti-cancer properties and may prevent certain cancers, such as lung, liver and renal cancer.3
Research shows that Tahitian Noni Juice (TNJ) has broad therapeutic effects, including anticancer activity, in both clinical practice and laboratory animal models. The results suggest that noni juice can prevent cell DNA damage and its antioxidant activity may also contribute to its cancer preventive effects.
Another research stated that noni juice reduced the risk of cancer because of its ability to block cancer-causing substances from binding to DNA4. Noni juice is also beneficial for inhibiting the growth of certain cancer cells by decreasing the weight and volume of the tumors5.

Noni Juice for cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular disease is a class of diseases that involve the heart, the blood vessels or both, and is the leading cause of deaths worldwide. It’s time to protect your heart as much as possible (for example by consuming certain type of foods).
Research showed that drinking 29.5 mL to 188 mL of noni juice per day significantly reduced cholesterol levels, triglycerides, LDL levels (the ‘bad cholesterol’) and also increases in HDL (the ‘good cholesterol’).
Arteries are the plumbing system of our body – they carry blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to every cell. Just like a house with bust plumbing is doomed, so too is the body if we let the arteries get clogged and hardened. Just as you can make your arteries deteriorate by what you eat, you can also keep them healthy by choosing the right foods.
Research shows that noni root extract may help maintain cardiovascular health by allowing for a better flow of blood in the arteries. This effect may help regulate blood pressure and support the health of your heart.

Noni juice can benefit the liver

Your liver is one of the largest organs in your body and is located in the upper right part of your belly under the ribs. The liver is responsible for many functions that are essential for life and this is why you should keep your liver in top working condition and be aware of early signs of liver damage.
You can add liver health to the long list of noni juice benefits. Research indicated that noni juice protected the liver organs of tested subjects from chemicals that may cause chronic illnesses such as liver damage.

Noni juice for arthritis

Arthritis is a common painful condition that causes pain and inflammation within a joint. To ease the pain, many people take prescription drugs or pain relievers which help for the short term but they have their own side effects.
Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, noni juice may be able to reduce pain and inflammation in conditions such as arthritis at the same level as the well-known commercially available analgesic drug tramadol9. Research shows that noni juice provided analgesic properties that help alleviated pain and joint destruction in subjects with arthritis.

Noni juice for Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a common, modern-age disease that can cause dangerous complications. It initially presents with few symptoms, which can be easily overlooked. One out of three people who have it don’t even know about it.
Noni has healing powers that may benefit those who suffer from type 2 diabetes, according to research. Noni has been shown to be an effective traditional remedy for type 2 diabetes10.
Research also indicated that noni juice reduced triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels as well as enhanced insulin sensitivity and improved the uptake of glucose11.

Noni for a healthy skin

A proper nutrition plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy skin, and foods that are high in antioxidants are great for skin health. They protect against sun damage, reverse wrinkles and reduce the appearance of premature aging.
Research shows that the extract of noni fruit contains a compound known as anthraquinone that prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin and has collagen-stimulating effects that restores new, healthy skin12.
Drinking noni juice can help you heal from wounds faster. Research indicated that noni juice reduced blood sugar levels and supported the wound healing process in diabetic rats.

Noni juice for a stronger immune system

Infection in our body occurs when there is an invasion and multiplication of organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that are not normally present within the body. Our immune system protects against disease and infections and there are a number of natural ways to boost your immune system.
Noni juice contains antimutagenic properties that help strengthen the immune system so that it can ward off chronic diseases. Noni juice also inhibits the growth of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella  and Shigella. This antimicrobial effect may be due to some of the plant chemicals known as phenolic compounds found in the juice.
Noni juice can also inhibit the growth of a bacterial species known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis by 89% to 95%15. Research suggests that noni juice has also been shown to inhibit a virus known as Epstein-Barr virus with an inhibitory effect of 70 percent15.
These qualities may depend on the ripeness of the fruit and how it has been processed. Juice from noni fruit that is ripe and has not been dried out tends to have more of these antimicrobial properties15.

Noni juice for mental health

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an important neurotransmitter involved in regulating mood and mental clarity. Tranquilizer such as Xanax which is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders works by increasing GABA.
Research showed that extracts of noni juice were able to bind to GABA receptors and imitate their behavior in the brain, which can improve depression and anxiety.
In a study, researchers compared noni to diazepam (Valium), a powerful medication that is commonly used for significant anxiety related disorders, seizures, muscle relaxants and GABA enhancement. Noni was shown to be nearly as powerful in reducing anxiety as the diazepam.
Another study demonstrated that noni had anti-psychotic like activity. The study showed that noni improved dopamine levels in the brain, which stopped uncontrollable urges and behavior.
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